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Super Huat Tee

Super Huat Tee

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This is the T-shirt you wear when you want to HUAT!


 Super Huat Tee
* Colour: Tango Red
* 60% Cotton 40% Poly
* Quality Print 
* Straight hem
* Regular fit

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What is Huat Meaning in Chinese?

Huat is a Hokkien term when translated means prosperity. In Chinese character, it is written as "發" (Fa). Often used together with the Chinese character "財"(Cai). When using together, "發財" (Fa Cai) means to get rich literally.

 Usually used as a blessing or well-wishes during gathering/events. Some closely associated short form is the number "eight"; when pronounced in Chinese, it can sound like the Chinese character "發" (Fa). As such, the number "8" is often used as a convenient shorthand for "發財" (Fa Cai).

At Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore/Malaysia, family members that had been busy with works or other matter would gather together for "reunion" dinner. This is the time where family members catch-up with their relative. During the "reunion" dinner, there are some cuisine that are ever present. For example the Yu Sheng dish, where it is famously use for "lou hei", Lou Hei is originally a word from Cantonese, when translated it means tossing up good fortune" .

During the "Lou Hei" family members will gather around a table and toss the Yu Sheng as high as possible (it is a belief that, the higher you toss the more prosperity you will bring), while shouting out properity terms like "年年有余“,“大吉大利”,or "huat ah", and etc.

"發" (Fa) is also an available playing tile in Mahjong - The game is played with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. 

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