The Art of Choosing the Perfect T-Shirt!


Nailing The Fit

Anyone can get fit right. Just be honest with yourself about what you need. If you’re slim, choose a shirt with a tailored torso so you don’t get swallowed up.
If you're more towards the curvy end, we recommend giving yourself more room. 

Remember that when a T-shirt hits your chest, it will highlight your chest area. 
However, if you don't want your chest to receive all the attention, or you don't feel great about your level of pec firmness, you can choose a fit that gives you more ease. 

This next point is for the ladies: 
Your sleeves should end at mid-bicep. If they're below the tickets part of the muscle, it is an indication that they're too long. Also, they should gently hug your arm - so choose a shirt that is fitting for you. 

Finally, your shirt should end just a few inches below your belt. No one should be able to see your stomach, but the shirt shouldn't totally cover your butt. 

Most often, if the sleeve length is right on you, the overall length will be too. 

Size chart is provided under product detail, referring to that will get you your perfect size. 

Why Fabric Matters

T-shirts come in all kinds of blends, but the 100% cotton tee is still the gold standard. Why? Due to its softness, strength and high breathability. However, there is something to be said for blends. A 50/50 Polyester-cotton blend will be less apt to shrink in the wash and wrinkles will shake out easily. Downside: It may pill more easily and make you sweat more. 

A $50 tee? It could be worth it.

We know, we know - Anything more that $50 is steep for a T-shirt. But here's one reason to pay more: Sewing quality. Consumers are often willing to pay a premium price for branded T-shirts because of their superior quality. But do consumers know that true quality management comes from the factory? 

At MerkBox, we are the factory and we make the promise of quality while offering apparels at a pretty affordable price.