Graphic T-shirts and General Fashion FAQs

Graphic T-shirts and General Fashion FAQs

T-Shirts FAQs by Merk Box

Where can I buy a retro T-shirt online?

If you define retro T-shirts as an old t-shirt that is not new and is older then 15 years old, then you can consider looking at second-hand shops that specialise in that. However, if you classify retro T-shirts as Tees that have a retro character on it, you can consider our Justice League Graphic Tees. Some of this DC Comic character had been around since 1938 (Superman)


In 1938 DC published the first Superman story in Action Comics no.1. And till date, Superman is still one of the most popular superheroes!

What are the best T-shirt sites?

There are many T-shirt sites out there that specialise in a different type of fashion and style. It is hard for us to pinpoint which are the best T-shirt sites out there. But, you can take a look at our collections, and perhaps you will find a graphic tee that suits you.

Where can you get t-shirt inspirations?

T-shirt inspirations can come from different places. They can range from your favourite comic book or manga character to your favourite food. Our advice is, look around you, the best inspiration is already out there in the world. Observe the world and apply your creativity. Who knows what you can come up with. Graphic Tees design has no limit. The limit is only your imagination.

Why are graphic tees so expensive?

Creating a graphic tees includes many processes. Everything from textile selection, threading, cutting, graphic design, printing, delivery, and many more have to come together to make your favourite graphic Tees.

All of our graphic tees had to go through many rounds of vetting, modification, and testing; before we approve it. All of our graphic tee shirts have to pass this processes before we make it available to you. 

Where can I get t-shirts with Star Wars logo?

Unfortunately, we currently do not hold graphic T-shirts with the Star Wars logo, but we are trying to work on that.

T-Shirts: How do I retain the graphics on my tees?

To increase the longevity of your graphic tee shirt, we recommend you to turn the T-shirt inside out so that the graphic does not rub against the machine or other garments. 

Select a mild wash program and make sure the machine does a full spin to remove excess water in the fabric. 

For added protection, wash it in a laundry bag.

Why do people wear quote T-shirts?

Most people wear quote T-shirts because they like what the quote represent and love to showcase them.

What are the best T-shirts ever?

The best T-shirt ever is the T-shirts that are comfortable when you wear it and represent you.

Where will I get a trendy t-shirt online?

Check out our trendy T-shirt. Perhaps you may find one that you like?

What is the best band T-shirt?

We do not hold a band T-shirt. But we hope you can find a graphic t-shirt that you like from our collection.

How large is the t-shirt market worldwide?

Globally approximately 2 billion T-shirts are sold each year. That is how large the t-shirt market is right now.

What are some examples of trendy t-shirts in 2020?

2019 had come and pass. Trendy T-shirts then might not be trendy T-shirts now. For the latest in-trend graphic T-shirts check out our collections.

Which kinds of T-shirt prints last the longest?

Silkscreen printing aka screen printing is one of the most versatile and effective printing methods that allow you to produce T-shirts with great quality and feel.

The nature of the printing method allows inks to be absorbed deeply into the fabric. Giving your tee shirt bright and vivid colour that last longer than regular printing. 

Which type of t-shirts are in fashion right now?

A graphic Tee shirt that represents you will never go out of trend. Instead of chasing the latest fashion trend every week or month, we recommend you to look for graphic tees that truly represent you and wear it proudly.

The best style is the style you like! That being said, one of our graphic t-shirts in our collection might just be the graphic tees that you love!

What is the perfect women's t-shirt?

As we mentioned before, the perfect T-shirts are the one that showcases your personality.

Which website has the best interesting t-shirts?

We like to invite you to browse through our t-shirts collection, and hopefully, you will be able to find one that interests you.

What are the types of T-shirt printing?

These 3 types of T-shirt printing is currently the most used. Silk Screen T-shirt printing, or Screen printing. It uses a Mesh-based stencil to apply the ink to the T-shirts. Screen printing allows the fabric to absorb the ink longer, resulting in longer-lasting prints for your t-shirts. However, due to the nature of the printing technique, it can be costly when done in low quantity.

Heat Transfer T-shirt printing. This method is done using a heat press machine to apply heat-applied materials to the fabric of the T-shirt. Printing with a heat press machine is relatively easy and cheap. It is good for low quantity printing. But the prints will not be as lasting as Screen printing.

Sublimation T-shirt Printing. This method uses heat to fuse ink and fabric. Unlike heat transfer printing, where the print leaves a layer above the fabric, sublimation printing opens up the "pores" of the graphic tee shirt and pushes the ink in, cause the ink to combine with the fabric. T-shirts that use sublimation printing will not have to worry about the prints of the t-shirts peeling off (like those of heat transfer)

For Merk Box, we uses Silk Screen printing for all of our graphic T-shirts. So far this is the method that we had been using and had been a proven method for us to keep quality prints on quality t-shirts.

What's the most popular t-shirt colour sold?

The most popular T-shirt colour base on our website data are Black and White. The classic T-shirts colour.

What colour of t-shirt goes with black pants?

Any colour of T-shirts will goes well with black pants. You do not need to worry too much on that.

Do people typically fold their T-shirts or hang them?

T-shirts are at the category where it is flexible to be either hanged or folded. The rule of thumb when it comes to choosing whether to fold or hang your tees is to consider the space that your wardrobe has. Because of its flexibility, prioritise dresses, pants, linen, blouses, and jacket for your hanger. After that, you can hang your tees.

What are the benefits of buying t-shirts online?

1. Tee shirts that are sold online are generally cheaper than a retail store; same quality too.
2. You get to shop conveniently at home and have your favourite tee shirt delivered to you; hassle-free.
3. No crowds, and no queues.

Which colour t-shirt can I wear with blue jeans?

Blue jeans are classic colour which goes well with almost any colour. When you are choosing a colour to match your blue jeans, pay attention to the shade of the blue jeans, and try to avoid the same shade of blue as the jeans.

What is the worst t-shirt design in the world?

We believe there is no worse T-shirt design in the world. As the saying goes, "One man meat is another poison".

What are some dressing tips for men? (2020)?

Here is something to keep in mind while putting up your outfit of the day - for men.

1. Good fitting is important.
2. A good watch that matches your outfit.
3. Do not be afraid to be bold with colours.
4. Break in your jeans. They age well.
5. Get a great shoe.
6. Keep your accessories to a minimum.
7. Dress for the event.
8. For a shirt, if in doubt stick with the classic.
9. Style up that hair
10. Do not be afraid to break the rules. Be confident.

How to shrink the neck hole of my t-shirts?

1. Fold the neckline in waves and soak that particular section in the bowl of ice cubes
2. Squeeze out the water (make sure the "waves" are intact) ...
3. Then lay it on a flat surface and flatten the neckline by rubbing it vertically (parallel to the shirt's length)
4. Iron the neckline to flatten it further, preferably in an upwards direction *Make sure you don't dry it out, as you're only required to iron until it's damp.
5. Spread it out on a flat surface to dry... Check out the full guide here

At what age should you stop wearing graphic t-shirts?

The good thing about graphic tee shirt is that they are versatile. Different graphic on a tee shirt means different things, and so does the meaning of the graphic. Therefore, there is no age limit for wearing graphic tee shirts. They are not just meant for children, they are part of social culture. So, wear your graphic tee shirt proudly!

Are Merk Box Graphic T-shirts Unisex?

Yes. All of our Merk Box Graphic T-shirts are unisex, unless specifically stated in the T-shirts description.

*Have a FAQ that you want us to add in? contact us!
Updated: 07/05/2021


  • Merk Box

    Hi Carol, our women pocket tee are currently still out of stocks, and there might not be new stocks coming in :(. However, we did recently launch some of our new Chinese New Year graphic T-shirts collection. Perhaps, you can check it out. Hopefully, you find a piece that suits you. Thank you for liking out tee!

  • Carol Seow

    Hi. I have purchased the women pocket tee and they are very comfortable. Would u be replenishing the stock? Would love to get a few more pieces in different colours. Thank you.

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