Pop Culture S4 Dropped

Pop Culture S4 Dropped
Our Pop Culture S4 graphic tees had just dropped this month. Taking inspiration from the ongoing trend in Singapore. This drop featured the hugely popular mobile game phenomenal, Among us graphic t-shirts. If you are not familiar with Among us, it is a mobile game where players are put into a spaceship to complete missions.
Among the players, there will be "imposters" mixed in. The role of the imposter is to sabotage the players from completing a series of quizzes by "killing" them off. After every dead body is discovered, everyone is gathered in a meeting room to discuss and vote on who is the actual imposter.
Among us gamer editionA gamer in our Among us graphic T-shirts

Featuring design that encourage students to do well in their upcoming exam and Co-curricular activities. Scorezilla and A star student is perfect for students that are mugging hard for their studies, and for parents who wants to take the opportunity to encourage and motivate their children through their keen fashion sense.
scorezilla do well in exam couple tee
Score together with our Scorezilla graphic tees
A star student graphic tee
Of course, for the dating couple and the possible dating couples, Claws on you and My vegetables find the fun in popular Singapore slang that is often used for dating. Claws on you, an interplay between the popular clawing machine and the dating couple, while my vegetable (Wo De Cai) an interplay between a real vegetable and the popular slang "Wo De Cai" which used to means a person that you are attracted to.
For our Arrowed T-shirts, it is a reminiscing of the workplace arrowing that goes around. Ever had the experience where you are "arrowed" to do something from work or in-school; which is not within your job scope. But you still have to get it done with a smiley ":)" face? That is the basis of our Arrowed T-shirts.
Claw machine Claws on you graphic t-shirts
Claw on you Graphic Tee
Arrowed Tees front viewArrowed T-shirt (front)
Arrowed T-shirt (rear)
As for Pocket full of coins and Maneki-Neko, is a take on Singaporean that is working hard to climb the corporate ladder, and eventually getting out of the rat race. Wanting the extra boost to build wealth (pocket full of coins), luck in business and work (Maneki-Neko in Japan is believed to help bring in wealth).
*if you are curious on the legend of Maneki-Neko, you should definitely check out our Maneki-Neko Graphic Tee page!
Maneki-neko image white t-shirt
Maneki-neko Graphic T-shirt (fortune cat)
Our designer took inspiration from the current social construct and came up with graphic tees like, Ok Boomer, a humorous/a call-out by young Singaporean on the general frustration that working with a Boomer or older generation, who may be close-minded and out of touch.
Spidey Tee
Ok Boomer Graphic tee image
OK Boomer Graphic Tees
Social Distancing too. Something that we are not used to until Covid-19 hit us hard. Now, social distancing is the norms of life. Keep distance apart and doing our part as individual to bring Covid-19 under control. 
Social Distancing Graphic T-shirts
If you can read this you are too close - social distancing tee

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