Merk Box Series 5 Graphic T-shirts Collection had Dropped

Merk Box Series 5 Graphic T-shirts Collection had Dropped

Merk Box Series 5 Part 1 had just dropped at our Merk Box webstore. This serie features Merk Box's hugely popular Among us graphic tee, restocked. New design such as Yishun Things, Blurrr King, and Hype Brand Box Tee. The newly dropped T-shirts design come in all black, while the Among us t-shirt remain in red colourway - because "SUS" means red right?

The new Merk Box Series 5 designs are heavily influenced by popular Singapore Culture. The t-shirts are printed via silk screen printing technique (like all other Merk Box Tees) that allows the graphic print to stays vibrant and sharp.

Silk Screen Printing allows the ink to remains on the surface of the shirt, allowing it to bend and flex with the shirt. This slightly raised ink gives a texture and feels to the printed areas of the shirt, which is unique to the printing process - fold magazine has a pretty good write up on the printing technique, you can visit them to learn more about it.

The Yishun Things graphic t-shirts takes inspiration from the strange things that had been happening around Yishun. A fabled neighbourhood in Singapore that had been reporting many strange occurrences that is unlike other Singapore neighbourhood. Some Strange occurrence range from,

  • Mystery man knocking on doors in Yishun asking families for their children.
  • Cat murderer
  • Riot police turning up in Yishun to apprehend man wearing nothing but shorts
  • Yishun residents getting harassed for money through letters from "Lord Voldemort"
  • Giant green caterpillars gather on Yishun Ring Road tree because where else would they be
    (stories headline from the mothership)

So strange that it caught the attention of Netflix and they made a parody trailer on Yishun to promote their famous "Stranger Things" series.

Some Yishun Things is going on around there, but we are just not able to pinpoint it.

Next, we have Blurrr King Graphic Tee. A wordplay between the famous Singapore slang "Blur King" and the well known America fast-food chain Burger King. Burger King? Blurrr King?

For audiences that are unsure what "Blur King" means, it is Singapore slang used to depict a person who is frequently confused or slow to catch on. Blur King means a person that is the epitome of blur-ness.

As for Burger King, it is a fast-food chain that had a deep-rooted history in Singapore culture. It first commenced operations in Singapore in 1982 at Peninsula Plaza. Till date, Burger King had become one of most well known American fast food chain in Singapore.

So can you call a person in Singapore that do not know about Burger King, a Blurrr King? Possible? We guess?

And then we have the Every Hype Brand Boxed Graphic Tee. Boxed logo tee had been a staple for many Singaporean wardrobes. They are the type of T-shirts that are minimalistic and still allow the wearer to invoke a certain feeling that is associated with the brand they wear.

The Every Hype Brand Boxed Tee design focus on the ingenuity of this phenomenal and give it a retouch. We ask the question together with our audiences. Must every hype brand have a boxed logo tee? What is your take? We love to hear from you!


Lastly, the ever-popular Among Us graphic tee had been restocked. An early released Merk Box series 5 tees. It was released together with our previous Pop Culture S4 release. Now it had been restocked and is part of the new Merk Box Series 5.

You can now shop our Merk Box Series 5 collection at our web store.

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Oh ya. All of our tees are unisex too (=. 

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