Get a Christmas T-Shirt in Singapore this Christmas?

Get a Christmas T-Shirt in Singapore this Christmas?
Christmas is celebrated on December 25 as a sacred religious holiday, but as times come and pass, it had become a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon.

For as long as we can remember, perhaps two millennia long or more, Christmas had been celebrated by people around the world. Some celebrate it because of tradition, some because religion, and over time it had also evolved into a full-blown shopping festival.

Christians celebrate Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Popular customs include exchanging gifts, decoration of Christmas trees, attending church, getting together with family and friends. Not to mention, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive. December 25 or Christmas Day has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1870, and in Singapore since its independent day (9 August 1965).

Many non-Christians had also adopted Christmas holiday as a time of gathering between friends and family. In Singapore, as Christmas is a public holiday, many would take this opportunity to organise the long-awaited gathering. Be it among friends or family members. Christmas give Singaporean a chance to meet up, catch up, and wind down.

Because it is Christmas, those that are holding their Christmas gathering at home will likely choose to take this opportunity to spruce up their home with Christmas decoration such as Christmas tree, socks, candy, and many more. Beside decorating home with ornaments, gift exchange is also something that people anticipate. So if you are participating in any sort of Christmas gathering or gift exchange, it would be wise and nice to get a gift for the events.

When it comes to gift exchange, this is when it gets tricky.  
As much as people look forward to a gift exchange, it can be really nerve-racking too.

The stress of selecting a Xmas gift that fits the occasion is not an easy matter. It requires careful consideration and keen eyes. As such, many stresses over it. And that is where we come in.

Here is why you should be getting yourself a Christmas Graphic T-shirts in Singapore for this Xmas

T-shirts are something that we choose to wear. In some sense, it is how we, as people express ourselves, our ideology and things that we believe in.

So, if you are a person that believes in the spirit of Christmas and is looking to celebrate it with zeal. Why not get a Christmas tee, and bath in the joy that is Christmas. Up the ante a little, get a family Christmas print T-shirt, or huddle up and come up with a family Christmas T-shirt idea together.

However, more cares will have to be put into the purchase, if you are looking to buy a Christmas Tees as a gift. Why? Once again, T-shirts are something that we choose to wear because we want to. It is a form of expression, and thus, T-shirts choices and preference can be very subjective. So, before choosing to get a specific Christmas T-shirt, perhaps, you would like to do some research or get some opinion on the people that you are giving it to.

Merk Box Pop Culture Season 3 Bubble Tea graphic tees image

If it is a gift exchange situation that involves people that you are not very familiar with, and you want to be careful with your gift choice, then getting a Christmas Tee shirt might not be the best choice. In this case, you can get a generic type of T-shirts instead. For example, our famous Bubble Tea T-shirts (we got to hard-sell a little here) which can be worn in regular occasion out of Christmas.

The trick here is to get a T-shirt that will have a wide match to the profile of the audiences. Else, if it is with close friends or family member, our opinion is to just go for it. If you are still deliberating, here are some guidelines and reason to help you with your choices:

1. Graphic Tees are a safe and disposable gift.
2. Attempts at HUMOR can be dangerous. Strictly veer on the safe side when you are buying a tee as a gift to people that you just know, or are not familiar with.
3. Insensitivity to the faith of others should be viewed as improper. Always respect others religion and faith.
For example, a holiday gift of a Tees with the text "NEVER GIVE UP", "ENJOY LIFE", "CAUTION", and etc. are safe. A graphic tee that denigrates a person or their religion is not.

Caution Graphic Tees by Merk Box

The best-case scenario is they love it, the worst-case scenario is everyone might want to avoid it. But in the end, everyone will have a good laugh about the funny Christmas shirt. Or not? Most importantly, don't give presents that are insensitive to the occasion.

Whether if you are choosing to get a Christmas Tee for yourself or as part of the holiday gifts exchange, Christmas is a good time to consider on renewing your wardrobe for next year, it is the time to be merry and bright.

As such, we have a variety of affordable and quality graphic tees that might just hit your sweet spot. Some of our famous collection includes our Pop Culture Season 3 collection, which takes inspiration and celebrates Singapore’s pop culture. Our limited-edition QT Tees – with local slang -, and our wonderful DC Comic’s justice league collection that includes character such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash, Catwoman, Batman, and more. Long sleeve, short sleeve, it make for a Christmas gifts idea

Not to forget, this Christmas it will be a little different as Singapore is still in phase two of its Covid-19 safe management measure. As much as the more the merrier, this time around, it will be wise to adhere to the guidelines listed out by the Singapore government.

That means, a gathering of not more then five peoples and if you are eating out at a restaurant, there should not be any inter-mingling between different table. Importantly, mask on when you are out at the public, only remove it when you are consuming your food/drinks.

We at Merk Box, wishes you a Merry Christmas. May your wishes come true! 

Now that you got some ideas. Why not browse through our collection and start getting that Christmas gift?

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