Coming up with shirts designs

Do you think designing is easy?

These are times when pictures cannot paint enough words to describe the entire procedure.


The Team.

Merk Box team comprises of Singaporeans from different age groups. This is to make sure we hit the right spectrum of pop culture audience. We regularly engage ourselves in community and hippy trends and peers to make sure we grasp the real intent of what makes local Pop Culture, so pop culture.



The graphics on every Merk Box's tee have to go through a series of consideration before it will proceed to the materials selection phase. We are committed to bring out the best, most fun and meaningful designs that will make you feel cool, trendy and comfortable at the same time.



Selection of materials and its colours would be right after having the designs are done. This is by no means an easy process. The team have to match the base shirt colours with the graphics to bring out the designs' essence. 

And we have to choose the best materials too to make sure Merk Box customers get a comfortable but quality shirt at the end of the day.