About MerkBox

MerkBox started in mid 2019. We recognized the stereotypes that people have towards affordable apparels and we would like to challenge that. Our parent company, Global Apparel and Textile, has always been providing affordable fashion apparels to big departmental and fashion chains for many years. Thus, we felt that we are equipped to break away from the stereotype. With that, MerkBox was born. Through this B2C sales network, we want to bring you quality and trendy fashion apparels that does not break the bank.

Today, MerkBox operates in over 21 locations and has a substantial online presence as well.

MerkBox currently features an array of apparels from casual t-shirts to sports wears, kids’ wear and more. All designed locally!

We envisage MerkBox to take the fashion retail's mainstage regionally in the next 3 to 5 years. Our goal is for MerkBox to be a seamless, One-Stop shop throughout all our platforms offering not only fashion apparels but also other key consumer products.


Merkbox is also committed to the social well beings of communities in Singapore and around the world. We actively seek local talents to do collabs as well as participate in charity drives regularly. 

We are proud to be one of the early adopters for Torch Community which spearhead the autistic needs in Singapore. Another charitable mention would be having our sales proceeds for Snow City's merchandises goes to World Wild Life funds for the arctic preservation. 

                             Donating to Torch Foundation